2009 BMW M3 Coupe

After 15 glorious years in the world of motoring, the straight-six power unit lauded time and again as the Engine-of-the-Year in the two former model generations of the BMW M3 is now giving way to a truly worthy successor. The new BMW M3 comes for the first time with an eight-cylinder power unit. And the specifications of this all-new high-performance engine clearly prove the competence and skill of the engine development specialists at BMW M GmbH gained in a long history of racing success: Displacing 3,999 cc, the new V8 develops maximum output of 414 bhp, together with peak torque of 295 lb-ft at 3, 900 rpm. Perhaps an even more outstanding fact is that some 85 per cent of the engine's peak torque remains available throughout the enormous speed range of 6, 500 rpm.

The eight-cylinder nevertheless owes its most striking and distinctive forte to the high-speed engine concept so typical of BMW M: Revving all the way to 8,400 rpm, the new power unit offers supreme muscle and performance at all times. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels by a six-speed manual gearbox interacting with brand-new final drive. This combination alone provides an acceleration and power potential reminiscent in its spontaneity and endurance to the dynamic potential of a thoroughbred racing car.

The exterior of the new BMW M3 was designed and developed from the start to give the car a truly unique and sporting look. So applying the principle of "form follows function", the designers at BMW M GmbH, in giving the body of the car its particular look and appearance, have succeeded in finding a perfect match of supreme technology, on the one hand, and authentic sporting design, on the other.

Reflecting this clear-cut principle, the engine compartment lid made of aluminum features an impressive powerdome right in the middle. Together with the recesses right next to the powerdome providing space for additional air intake openings, this special design feature clearly hints to the supreme potential of the eight-cylinder power unit within the engine compartment. The contours of the powerdome and air intakes follow the forward-pointing arrow shape of the engine compartment lid, blending harmoniously into the overall design of the front end even longer than on the "regular" BMW 3 Series Coupe.

In designing the interior, the specialists at BMW M GmbH have succeeded in offering the occupants maximum driving pleasure in an ambience tailored to their specific needs and wishes. This applies particularly to the driver, with all controls and instruments relating directly to the active driving experience in the car adapted to the supreme performance of the BMW M3 and re-designed from the ground up wherever appropriate.

Double circular instruments with white illumination and red needles, the M leather steering wheel and the newly designed centre console all characterize the cockpit of the new BMW M3. The door cutout trim embellished by the characteristic M logo, the support for the driver's left foot made of brushed metal, the special design and color of the inner door panels, as well as the trim strip made of high-quality, sophisticated materials exclusive to BMW M such as leather in carbon design or aluminum, all serve to underline the supreme and truly unique position of the new BMW M3.

Enjoying the qualities of the new BMW M3, the driver is able to configure several driving parameters individually according to his particular requirements, thus adjusting the car's behavior and performance to his personal preferences. One option, for example, is to completely deactivate the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) via the car's set-up. Electronic Damper Control (EDC), in turn, which optimizes both vertical vibration behavior as well as the car's dive and roll in bends and when applying the brakes and accelerating by adjusting damper forces, comes with three different settings - Normal, Comfort, and Sports - the driver is able to pre-select at the touch of a button.

Three control maps are also available for precise, on-demand management of the engine. These management functions operate not only on the position of the throttle butterflies in the intake manifold, but also on further factors and parameters significantly changing the behavior and response of the engine.

The optionally available MDrive configuration enables the driver to pre-select the response of the Servotronic power steering. In the process, MDrive is able to follow two control maps varying steering forces between the Normal and Sports setting as a function of road speed.
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